Guide to implementing the UKPSF in the digital university: call for contributions

ALDinHE has been invited to contribute to a JISC & Professional Associations Guide to Implementing the UKPSF in the Digital University.
We now invite contributions in the form of short descriptions and case studies – no more than a few hundred words/one or two paragraphs – for this Guide. These may be on:
– how you developed your own, or helped others to develop their digital literacies (including training via PGCert courses, or other sources of training, including self-training).
– how you have used digital literacies in your learning development practice
We have provided a template to make producing your example as easy as possible. Note that we need to know your role and institution to get a general idea of the context, but in the final guide this information can be excluded. Please email completed examples to
The finished Guide will be particularly focusing on training for digital literacies in formal PGCert courses. However, we welcome any case studies and examples which might feed into this.
Suggested format:
– Area of digital literacies the example refers to (e.g. social networking, Prezi, screencasting, using wikis etc)
– How you developed your skills in this area – a few sentences (e.g. PGCert, other formal training, self-training, help from colleagues etc). Any additional comments about what did/didn’t work and why would be good.
and optionally
– How you have used your skills in this area in learning development practice – a few sentences (e.g. marketing services, teaching, communication, resource development etc).
We will be seeking to link descriptions and case studies to the UKPSF, so if you are aware of how your example ties in, it would be helpful to include that. We also have a document produced by the ALDinHE Professional Development working group which maps the UKPSF onto learning development activities
We are able to offer a small thank you in the form of £25 in Amazon vouchers for any case studies that are forwarded by us for consideration for inclusion in the final Guide. 
The deadline to accept case studies and examples for consideration is 28 May 2012. If you would like to discuss an idea for a case study before you write it, want more information on what to include, or have any other queries, please contact Kim Shahabudin at If you have an idea but do not have time to write it up, do send me brief details anyway by email or send your contact details and I will call you to discuss it.
The Guide will describe, explain and illustrate some ways in which the development of digital literacies / fluency can be demonstrated in each of the areas of activity, core knowledge and possibly also the professional values of the UKPSF. For each element of the UKPSF, the report will suggest some practical principles and approaches to both developing (on a PGCert) and demonstrating (in teaching) digital literacies / fluency.

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